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How it Works


We create personal sailing flotillas exclusively tailored for you and your friends. Follow our simple steps below, book your destination, your dates and your yachts and we'll take care of the rest 


What is a Flotilla? 

A Flotilla is a group of yachts sailing together.


What do we do?

We help you and your friends create your very own bespoke flotilla, provide trained and experienced flotilla skippers and plan the itinerary with you to fit all your needs.


Who are we?

We are experts in private flotilla charters and have been organising bespoke flotillas for groups since 2014. Join us if you want to experience a new and unique way of sailing with your friends!


How it Works

Step 1:  Gather your friends.

Step 2: Choose your destination and dates.

Step 3: Select your yachts and add to cart
Note: . You can always invite or add other yachts later on to your flotilla by quoting the original booker name or booking ref

Step 4: Pay a downpayment of 20% of the booking fee and we will reserve your yachts

Step 5: Book your flights to the recommended airports

Step 6 : Pay the remainder 80% of the booking fee up to 30 days before departure

Step 7: The skippers will then get in touch regarding final details and plan the itinerary with you

Step 8: Pack your bags, board your flights and come meet us at the designated marina!


How to Book

Once you have gathered your group and picked your destination, you can finally get ready to book your yachts.

In the bookings page, select type of booking (standard 1 week trip / non-standard), select your desired destination, boat type, size, dates and desired payment plan and add to cart. You can add any combination of yachts to your flotilla. 


Boat Types

Classic - Monohull yachts that provide excellent value for money, typically four years old or more.

Modern - Modern monohull yachts, typically no more than 3 years old. These boats offer superior comfort and functionality. 

Catamaran - Multihull yachts offering increased space and comfort when cruising compared to traditional monohull yachts. They are perfect if you want a more relaxed and comfortable cruising experience.


Size Categories

Small, Up to 4 guests - These yachts are in the 35-40 feet range and can accommodate up to 4 guests ( 5 with skipper) with 2 guest cabins.

Medium, up to 6 guests - These yachts are in the 40-45 feet range and can accommodate up to 6 guests ( 7 with skipper) in 3 guest cabins.

Large, up to 8 guests - These yachts are in the 45-50 feet range and can accommodate up to 8 guests ( 9 with skipper) in 4 guest cabins.

Catamaran, Medium up to 6 guests -  These catamarans are typically 35 to 40 foot and can accommodate up to 6 guests ( 7 with skipper) in 3 guest cabins.

Catamaran, Large up to 8 guests -  These catamarans are typically 40-45 foot range and can accommodate up to 8 guests (9 with skipper) in 4 guest cabins.


Our Yachts

Below are some examples of yachts that we often book.

We partner with all the major charter operators to insure a top quality yacht and full service during the trip. We also strive to book the best and most modern yachts in the specified size range and category. We make sure all yachts booked via Yacht Pack are fully insured by the charter operator in exchange for a refundable safety deposit.


Beneteau Oceanis 35 (2015) - Small, Modern Monohull

Sun Odyssey 35 (2005) - Small , Classic Monohull 


Dufour 410 Grand Large (2015) - Medium, Modern Monohull

Bavaria 44 ( 2004) - Medium, Classic Monohull


Jeanneau 54 ( 2015) - Large, Modern Monohull

Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 (2005) - Large, Classic Monohull


Lagoon 380 (2015) - Catamaran, Medium Size

Lagoon 450 (2015) - Catamaran, Large Size


Payment Options

The payable booking cost is the total price per yacht.  We accept any major credit card for bookings directly on the webpage. In order to reserve a yacht we only need a 20% downpayment to be paid upfront, we will then get back in touch for the remainder of the booking fee which typically is payed 1-2 months before check-in date. You may also settle the full booking cost upfront if you wish.


Cancellation / Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel a booking, the 20% downpayment payed initially is non-refundable but you will not need to pay the remainder 80% of the booking cost. Once the full booking fee is payed within 1-2 months from the check in date the refund and cancellation policy is at the charter operator's discretion and will be on a case by case basis. Our partnerships with charter operators often means we are able to get preferential cancellation and refund terms. 
If there are any significant equipment or yacht failure where the fault lies unambiguously with the operator, we will often make sure the customer gets a full or partial refund of the booking cost as a result.


Didn't find the answer to your questions? Still unclear on some things?  
Head over to the FAQ page or drop us a line, we'd be happy to help.