Corsica is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean. Rich in culture from its Italian and French heritage, the island sits just north of Sardinia and to the south of France. Very few places in the world are able to offer such diversity on a concentrated level. With its multitude of coves with white sandy beaches and turquoise water as well as its stunning saw-tooth mountain range rife with natural rock pools and dense forests, Corsica truly justifies its mantel of the island of beauty.


Things to do


Start in Ajaccio:  Ajaccio is the capital of Corsica and was the birthplace of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. It sits hallway along the western coast of the island. With the imposing GR20 mountain range in the background and a beautiful view of the bay, the city serves as a perfect base for numerous scenic hiking trips such as the “route des chataigniers” which starts in the stunning village of Evisa barely an hour’s drive away and sailing trips. Ajaccio boasts a large marina, a bustling town centre replete with restaurants and bars and cafes and a fantastic spot to go watch the sunset on the dramatic Iles Sanguinaires. Be sure to sample local delicacies.

Nearest airport is Ajaccio aiport which is only 20 min away by bus.

Example Itinerary - Adjaccio

Example Itinerary - Adjaccio


Calvi, with its mix of breathaking nature and cultural heritage is one of Corsica’s top destinations. An ancient Genoese stronghold it is home to the famous Calvi citadelle which sits imposingly at the entrance of the port. The city is rife with restaurants and cafes and are great to discover local delicacies as well as enjoy beautiful Corscian music. It is also the perfect spot to go on diving expeditions or just enjoy a snorkel. The natural reserve of Scandola offers incredible views of multi-coloured rocks with sea caves and rare wildlife with seals and dolphins often sighted.

Nearest airports: Calvi (15min bus) or Bastia (3h30min bus or train).

Example Itinerary - Valci

Example Itinerary - Valci


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Highlights in Corsica

Explore the historic town of Bonifacio

Explore the sandy beaches on the southwest coast