Do I need sailing experience?

None whatsoever. We would love to help you, your friends and family discover the wonders of sailing and teach you a thing or two in the process if you're keen !


I’m a skipper, can I skipper the yacht myself?

Standard online bookings include a skipper for each yacht. If you want to book without skipper please contact us through the non-standard booking form.


Are there only 8 destinations to choose from?

The 8 destinations are our recommended destinations and available to book online. If you would like to go somewhere else please contact us through the non-standard booking form.


Can I go for only a weekend? Long-weekend?

Yes, depending on availability. If you would like to book for any duration other than the standard 1 week ( saturday to saturday) , please contact us through the non-standard booking form.


Are itineraries fixed?

No they are not, each group can tailor their own preferred itinerary. Our skippers, with their local knowledge and experience, will happily recommend and help prepare the perfect itinerary for your group based on weather, personal preferences etc..


We don't have enough people to make up a flotilla. Can we book just 1 boat?

Yes, just before adding your yachts to cart, just set quantity of yachts to 1.


Can we join flotillas booked by other people? Will other people join our flotilla? 

No, Every booking and flotilla is exclusive to the booker and his/her group.


Our friends want to join our flotilla that's already been booked, can we add boats to our booking?

You can add boats to your own flotilla at any point ( depending on availability), just drop us a line at info@yachtpack.com, or specify the original booking name when booking the additional yachts.


How experienced are the skippers?

We make sure all of our skippers hold up to date professional sailing qualifications, and have previous experience within the yachting charter and tourism industry. We also make sure all skippers are fully briefed on the standard safety procedures for these types of vessel.


Are your trips catered? Do you provide food and groceries?

Food and drinks are not included in the booking price, these have to be purchased by the guests onsite. Yacht Pack can in some cases help facilitate grocery shopping by arranging grocery deliveries directly to the start marina, contact info@yachtpack.com for more info. Guests are expected to cook and clean themselves after each meal and feed the skipper with 3 meals per day and soft drinks.


What happens in case of a medical emergency or other emergency?

At Yacht Pack the safety of our guests is our number 1 priority. We therefore make sure all of our skippers are fully briefed on the worldwide maritime safety and emergency procedures and hold first aid certificates. We also make sure all yachts carry the necessary safety and emergency equipment including first aid kits, life jackets, life rafts and flares. All yachts are equipped with a VHF radio which can be used to contact the local coast guard for emergency  assistance if needed.


What happens if we damage the boat? Who is liable for the cost? Is there a safety deposit to be paid?

Any damages to the yacht that is directly caused by a guest or a skipper will be charged by the charter company to the guests. All yacht rentals require a safety deposit to be payed by the guests upfront to the charter company on check-in day. The exact amount varies from yacht to yacht and will be specified once the reservation is confirmed. This safety deposit is the guest's maximum liability in case of damages. In some cases guests are able to purchase additional insurance cover to reduce the maximum liability in exchange for a non-refundable premium, contact us at info@yachtpack.com for more info.


What is your cancellation policy? Refund policy?

If you wish to cancel a booking, the 20% downpayment payed initially is non-refundable but you will not need to pay the remainder 80% of the booking cost. Once the full booking fee is payed within 1-2 months from the check in date the refund and cancellation policy is at the charter operator's discretion and will be on a case by case basis. Our partnerships with charter operators often means we are able to get preferential cancellation and refund terms. 
If there are any significant equipment or yacht failure where the fault lies unambiguously with the operator, we will often make sure the customer gets a full or partial refund of the booking cost as a result.