Having your own Yacht is the only way to really explore these stunning Islands, even the larger ones, with complete freedom. Regular services to the major Island from Tortola stop at around 4pm. Because of this, Island hopping on your yacht really comes into its own in the BVI!

Some of the world's most beautiful coral reefs and marine wildlife can be seen whilst sailing and swimming around the islands. The itinerary and stops can be entirely customised to your preference, but below are some of the  most popular stops and activities to give you an idea.

Getting there: Fly to San Juan or Antigua, from there jump on a flight to Beef Island on Tortola, only 15 mins drive from the main marinas.


Things to do


Start in Tortola : Starting on the largest Island of Tortola, you will already be spoiled for choice sailing down the coast line.

Going north, the breathtaking bays and towns in John Van Dyke are well worth a visit.

To the South there's the famous Peter Island, Coral Reefs and the beautiful Cooper Island.


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Highlights from the BVIs

Salt Island

Peter Island